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19 y/o M’sian Job Scam Victim Electrocuted & Forced To Commit Cyber Crimes In Myanmar, Says Grandma

today17 November 2022


35 Malaysian job scam victims rescued at Thai-Myanmar border. (source: FMT)

News of job scam victims making their way home have flooded media outlets for the past few months. Tragically, there is still a large number of Malaysians stranded abroad and abused at the hands of syndicate members.

Today, The Star reported that 19-year-old victim of human trafficking is asking his grandmother to save him from a harrowing situation in Myanmar.

The 61-year-old woman, who desired to be referred to as Chong, claimed she was contacted by her grandson on Monday (November 14) through Facebook Messenger. She disclosed his first name, Ah Yang, out of concern for his safety.

He was reportedly sobbing, pleading to be saved and taken home.

source: The Star

Chong, a waitress, stated during a news conference hosted by Ipoh Barat MCA organiser Low Guo Nan on Wednesday that Ah Yang mentioned that he had been physically assaulted and shocked with an…

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Written by: Lara Kramer