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3 Months Into War, Russian Malls Become ‘Silent Hill’ Backdrop as Russians Continue to Flee

today24 May 2022


Russian President, Vladimir Putin

On 24 February, Vladimir Putin shocked the world as he made a war declaration against Ukraine.

As of today, 3,930 Ukrainians have become casualties of the conflict, and 257 of them were children.

From this conflict, the rest of the world saw how power-hungry President Putin really is and decided to take action.

A few days after the declaration, western countries and corporations unleashed an unprecedented attack, causing destruction in Russia’s economy.

Empty Dior boutique in TSUM

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Apple, H&M, Disney and Starbucks are some of the corporations that chose to stand with Ukrainians.

These large companies either paused their production or completely pulled their investment out of Russia’s market.

However, was Russia punished enough for the sins of its president?

Today, Moscow’s massive shopping malls have become ghostly fields of closed stores that were formerly filled…

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Written by: Aqasha Aiman