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Claim Your RM50 ePENJANA From GrabPay And Enjoy RM50 Extra Value!

today31 July 2020


1. You can earn up to 3x GrabRewards points. Every time you use GrabPay to complete certain transactions, you can collect points and use them to instantly offset your payment. You can even claim extra vouchers to use them when you eat, travel, shop, and more!

2. Contactless payments are made easier because you can use GrabPay at so many outlets! Fast food chains like McDonaldโ€™s…

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Written by: GrabPay

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This FamilyMart Lookalike In PJ With A Controversial Name Was Actually A Hidden Bar

Seemingly unsuspecting in English, WholeFamily in Chinese, ๅ†šๅฎถ, is one character short of forming a derogatory Cantonese saying.ย "ๅ†šๅฎถ้“ฒ" (ham6 gaa1 caan2) is essentially a curse that roughly translates to "death upon your whole family".While several Facebook commenters remarked that the store would no longer have good feng shui, others jokingly asked, "Do they sell shovels... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today31 July 2020

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