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10 Celebrities Who Got Tattoos About Their Exes Covered Or Removed

today27 October 2020


Celebrities are just like us. Sometimes, they make questionable tattoo decisions—and that include tattoo-ing their ex’s name on their skin. But relationships aren’t meant to last forever and people change. 

From Pete Davidson to Kylie Jenner, these are Hollywood stars who removed, covered or otherwise altered the ink they got on behalf of their exes.

1. Pete Davidson

(Source: Google)

After his break up with Ariana, Pete Davidson wasted no time to cover up his “Dangerous Woman” tattoo. He replaced the famous bunny ears with a large heart and a small lowercase ‘’a’’ next to the design. 

2. Nick Cannon 

When he and Mariah Carey separated in 2016, Nick Cannon wasted no time to cover the huge ‘’Mariah’’ tattoo across his entire upper back. Oh, also, did you know that the ink also also happened to be his first tattoo ever? Talk about regrets.. oops. 

3. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up in April 2017, and Kylie was left with a simple t tattoo on her left foot. But no worries, that fairly dainty ink is now effortlessly covered up with an “la” tattoo, which most likely symbolizes Kylie’s home in Los Angeles.

4. Angelina Jolie

(Source: Google)

Angelina Jolie married Billy Bob Thornton in 2000, but they got divorced three years later in May. The Academy Award–winning actress had a tattoo on her left arm that said “Billy Bob” right above a dragon. 

Angie has since covered up the thick tattoo with what seems to be a mix of laser tattoo removal methods and multiple coordinates of the places where each of her children were born. The coordinates also include the birthplace of her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

5. Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon’s relationship with Rob Kardashian was etched onto her bum when she got a tattoo of his name, “Robert A. Kardashian,” in the ’00s. After the couple broke up in 2009, Adrienne tried lasering off the tattoo twice before seeing a final doctor who removed the remnants of her “Robert” tattoo.

6. Ariana Grande

Ariana chose to cover her “REBORN” tattoo that was dedicated to Pete on her thumb with a laurel wreath-looking tattoo. She shared the updated ink on her Instagram story with the caption: “I have no words to describe how much i love and am eternally grateful for these human beings who constantly help me turn lemons into lemonade and literally heal me and put me back together.”

7. Marc Anthony 

(Source: Google)

After his divorce from Jennifer Lopez in 2011, the Latin-America singer no longer wanted his tattoo to praise Jenny From the Block, so he decided to bury it—under an elaborate cover-up. But later, Anthony debuted a Statue of Liberty tattoo in honor of his ex-girlfriend Shannon de Lima, “because she ‘freed’ him from his past,” according to TMZ.

8. Johnny Depp 

(Source: Google)

After famously getting a tattoo in honor of then girlfriend Winona Ryder, he changed to a declaration of his love for wine (from “Winona Forever” to “Wino Forever”). That’s not all, Johnny also had his recent ex-wife Amber Heard’s nickname, “Slim,” tattooed on his knuckles, but after Heard accused Depp of domestic violence, he tweaked the design to spell “Scum.” 

9. Jhene Aiko

Out of all, this is just the worst. She debuted her tattoo of Big Sean in October 2017, after roughly a year of dating. A year later, the tat has disappeared from Jhene’s arm and has been replaced by a very large, detailed celestial piece. 

The new ink sparked break-up rumors, which have plagued the couple for months, since the pair unfollowed each other on Instagram back in May. But now, it looks like the couple are officially back together after they were seen hanging out at each other’s place all the time. 

10. Amber Rose 

(Source: Google)

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were only married for 14 months, but within that time, Rose was able to have a fairly realistic portrait of Khalifa tattooed on the back of her arm. But just a year after the divorce was finalized, Rose debuted the altered tattoo: it’s now the famed Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash.

Written by: Aqilah Najwa

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