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Billie ‘Bombshell’ Eilish Says Her New Look Makes Her “Feel More Like A Woman”

We wish we look that good.



We can always count on Billie to blow us away with her bold choices of hair colour — she debuted in the music industry with her stunning silver tresses as seen in the music video for ‘Ocean Eyes’ to luscious sea-green that matches her eyes, to the famous cobalt blue look and previously, the funky one with black locks and neon green roots


But Billie’s latest ‘do is a far cry from her previous bold choices — this time, it’s blonde and it’s simple. 



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Yet she made it look out of this world. Look. 



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And look. 



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A post shared by BILLIE EILISH (@billieeilish)


She pulls it off so majestically it’s insane. Sure, it’s a lot more muted and watered-down compared to her past hairstyles but it exudes class, elegance, and maturity.


“I feel more like a woman, somehow,” the 19-year-old artistic genius said. 


Initially, the hitmaker went through leaps and bounds to keep this new look under wraps. Literally. She revealed that the former black-and-green look was a wig. Some eagle-eyed fans manage to spot that “something was off”, and to avoid blowing her cover, Billie proceeded to wear hats.



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Billie being Billie, she decided to snatch her own wig off in a TikTok video to confirm the fan theories. 



♬ Lo Vas A Olvidar – Billie Eilish & ROSALÍA


A Twitter user joked about the similarity between Billie and Hannah Montana, where the latter also snatches her own wig off to reveal a new identity to fans. 


A fan asked on her Instagram,


“Why did u hide [sic] your blonde hair?”

Billie replied,


“Cause it took six weeks to accomplish…”


She also posted a photo from Jan.16, in which she was in the “first round” of bleaching her hair. The snap shows Eilish with the top half of her hair blonde, while the bottom is a rusty orange.


Instagram @billieeilish


Go listen to Billie’s new single now!



*Cover image via Billie Eilish 


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