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Brands Drop YouTuber David Dobrik Due To Sexual Assault Allegations From Previous Videos

today22 March 2021


Brands are dropping YouTube starΒ David Dobrik like hot potatoes following multiple allegations, with even one woman claiming a former member of the Vlog Squad raped her.

Recently Business Insider published an interview with a woman who chose to remain anonymous, that alleged she met several Vlog Squad members, including David and Dominykas Zeglaitis AKA Durte Dom, in November 2018 when she was 20 years old.

Business Insider

In the interview, the woman left no detail out as she list the people involved, it was claimed that David filmed her and Dominykas entering a bedroom, where she and Dominykas had a sexual encounter. However, she explained she was too intoxicated to have given any consent.

At this time, Dominykas is no longer associated with the Vlog Squad.


The first allegations against David Dobrik began with former vlog squad member Seth implicating that members of the squad including David had violated his consent. The story however gained tons of traction very quickly as news spread like wildfire on social media, which prompted the woman who allegedly had been raped by Dominykas to share her experience as well.


Unfortunately following the release of Business Insider’s story, several brands announced they would no longer work with the Dobrik. Those including Hello Fresh, Dollar Shave Club and Seat Geek the Youtuber’s biggest sponsors are in the midst of “reviewing” their partnership.

Written by: Varesha

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