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Local TV Host Gives ‘Death Stare’ After Guest Proudly Flaunts Affairs With Multiple Married Men

today12 May 2021




Singer and actor Elly Mazlein has captured the attention of netizens with her reaction towards a guest of her show.



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The spontaneous reaction from Elly was believed to have occurred when she and her co-host, Awal Ashaari, were interviewing a woman on their talk show.


Photo via Instagram/iamellymazlein


The short clip went viral because Elly seemed to give a ‘death stare’ towards the woman, who was explaining her secret relationships with five different married men. Shared by Twitter user @noahmacwilson, the caption goes: “Kak Lina’s face looks as if she’s ready to give a punch. I’m angry listening to this woman. It’s like she’s so proud of what she’s done.”



The story-telling session made netizens uncomfortable as they saw the guest looking shameless and even boastful, with no obvious feelings of remorse.


“This is the fifth time I’ve had a scandal with someone’s husband. He started it first, so why must I feel guilty? He offered me money and I took it. For now, I’m not looking to get married. I’ll probably continue this until I’m completely satisfied.”


Here are some of the reactions towards the 27-second video:



This user said: “Common sense sis. You know he’s someone’s husband, leave them.”




Her hilarious reaction has people going: “Same sis, same.”



Cover Image Credit: Instagram @iamellymazlein

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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