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Malaysian Drama Faces Backlash For Unrealistic Birthing Scene With Pants

Was it a mistake or a misunderstanding?



Photos from the set of the drama “Perempuan Tanpa Dosa” (which is based on the novel of the same name released in 2000) recently accumulated backlash from netizens after a few pointed out contradictions between what was being filmed and real life. The scene in question involves the character Lily (played by actress Uqasha Senrose), who is fighting for her life in order to give birth to her child. At the same time, she is being helped by Usu Sakinah (played by actress Uyaina Arshad). However, netizens were quick to point out that Uqasha’s pants were clearly visible during filming – which would render the birthing scene bogus.



Comments on the Tweet that eventually blew up on Twitter were a mix of disdain and confusion. One netizen lamented that ‘mistakes’ such as these are the reason why he hasn’t watched dramas for almost 8 years while another expressed embarrassment and asked that Malaysians stop filming dramas. One compared Malaysian made dramas to foreign ones, saying that if they [Hollywood productions] could make mistakes, what more local ones?



However, it seems as if netizens may have been too quick to jump the gun. One of the stars of the drama, 34-year old Kamal Adli (who acts as Rizal, Lily’s love interest) wasted no time in explaining the reason behind the odd choice of wardrobe for the scene.



Shutting down the trolls, Adli says,


“This is a look at the behind the scenes.. Wait for it to be finished ok.. Of course, behind the scenes, we take measures to protect our actresses and we will use many camera angles to cover [the pants].”


He even addresses the picture in which it looks like ‘Usa’ has blood on her clothes, but not her face.


“For the blood on her face, just wait for the finished scene okk,”



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Director Michael Ang also said that it was out of the question and not possible to ask actress Uqasha to act out the scene without pants,  telling Harian Metro,


“We will not ask Uqasha to remove the piece of clothing just to make the scene a success. If you look at the pictures, you can see that there is a cloth used to cover the pants. Combined with camera techniques, it will look like she gave birth.”  



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When asked if the criticism affected him, Ang responded:


“I am not angry and consider it a joke. I laughed when I saw the jokes that appeared on social media. I am not angry because at least I know that people are aware of the existence of this drama.”



*Cover image credit: curicuriklik on Instagram

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