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‘’Pretty Girl’’ By Sya Is More Than Just About Having A Pretty Face

today25 January 2021


She’s more than just a ‘’pretty face’’. With a full combination of talent, passion and determination—the 23-years-old Sya has officially become the first female artiste ro signed on to Def Jam South East Asia. 

Last month, the new talent dropped her first single, PrettyGirlBop, which she wrote and worked on with SonaOne. The catchy track, currently available on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube—was inspired by women like her mother who have stayed strong during difficult times like this pandemic. 


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A post shared by SYA (@itssyaofficial)

“The whole country is in a difficult situation when the pandemic strikes, especially the women who have to work harder for their daily survival. When this song was written, I poured my whole emotions and soul,” she said. 

She then continued, ‘’We just had fun while experimenting and what came out of it was genuine feel-good music. I remember writing the bars to it in my room and I recall feeling proud and accomplished as to how far I have come, especially during the pandemic year.


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A post shared by SYA (@itssyaofficial)

‘’Yung Raja came into the studio unexpectedly as well and SonaOne played him the beat we made. He loved it instantly. I was super excited to hear that and was grateful when he wanted to jump in on it.’’ 

She became viral in January 2019 when she posted her first freestyle video ‘KIKA’, which grabbed the attention of Joe Flizzow, SonaOne and NJWA. Watch her full interview with Fly’s announcer Dan below: 

Written by: Aqilah Najwa

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