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“Racism At It’s Peak”; Football Fans Call Out ‘Biased’ Sports Platform

today10 June 2021


Totally unacceptable.

A British sports platform has been called out by football fans for being ‘biased’ in their reporting after sharing football star Phil Foden’s new hairstyle.

This came after the Manchester City and England star’s photo of his new look was shared by the barber responsible approaching the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament.



The platform “Sport Bible” wrote an article which was then posted on Twitter, stating that the hairstyle resembled England legend Paul Gascoigne, more commonly known among fans as ‘Gazza’.



We gotta admit though, the resemblance is uncanny, no?


Photo via Sport Bible


However, Twitter folks were not happy to see this, as the platform has a history of negatively reporting another footballer who consistently changes his hairstyle. As you probably would’ve guessed, they keep receipts!



The tweets show a different approach of reporting when it comes to Manchester United and French professional Paul Pogba, using words such as “bad”, “bizarre” and “strange” as compared to the more positive approach for Phil Foden.



This fan even made a meme to conclude the dire situation.



Paul Pogba is well known not just for his fancy play of football, but also for his fancy hairstyles that some say “changes every game”.


Photo via Getty/Goal


England is scheduled to kick off their UEFA Euro 2020 journey with a game against Croatia this Sunday, 13th of June at 9pm (Malaysia time) while France is set to face Germany at 3am on Monday (16th June).


Racism is never okay, be it in sports or any other part of life. Let’s be better people and treat others with respect regardless of race, religion, or gender.


*Cover Image Credits: Getty Images / @hd_cutz_london

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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