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Taylor Swift Is “Really Proud” Of This Lyric From ‘Folklore’ & It’s, Honestly, Empowering

today7 March 2021


Taylor Swift is known as one of the greatest lyricists of all time. Ever since her debut in 2006, she’s famously known for writing songs based on real-life situations, relationships and inspirations. Her most recent album ‘Folklore’ (and its sister ‘Evermore’), however, saw Swift depart from her signature narrative writing and venture into storytelling more rooted in escapism and romanticism. The album has 16 tracks (17, with the addition of “The Lakes” on the deluxe version) and every single track has its own charm. As such, one would think that it would be hard to pinpoint a favourite song or line – but T-Swift does exactly that. And while it may not be her favourite song, this song has her favourite line.


Her choice? A single line from the track, “The Last Great American Dynasty”.



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The third track from ‘Folklore’, according to Swift in an interview with PEOPLE, had the line she was really proud of:


“She had a marvelous time ruining everything,”


The 31-year-old released that  the line is “‘about what happens when women step out of their cages and run.”


“It can be a real pearl-clutching moment for society when a woman owns her desires and wildness and I love the idea that the woman in question would be too joyful in her freedom to even care that she’s ruffling feathers, raising eyebrows or becoming the talk of the town. The idea that she decided there were marvelous times to be had, and that was more important.”



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The song tells the tale of the real-life socialite Rebekah West Harkness (who was often called Betty), to whom Swift draws parallels within the song. Harkness was well known ad often the subject of media headlines, being one of the wealthiest women in the history of the United States. Harkness was born in 1915 is known as “a patron of the arts”, skilled as a composer, sculptor and dance patron as well as having founded the Rebekah Harkness Foundation and multiple dance companies.. In 2013, Swift bought over Harkness’ house (really, it’s a mansion) in Rhode Island Swift bought. It’s known as the “Holiday House” and was lived in by the “capricious and exceptionally wealthy philanthropist” in the 19th century.



Built in 1930, the mansion sits on the highest point in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, and features 700 feet of shoreline and views of Little Narragansett Bay, according to the real-estate site Zillow. The property spans 5.23 acres and is said to be “the highest point of direct waterfront land on the entire eastern seaboard.”



*Cover image credit: Instagram / @taylorswift

Written by: Marissa Anne

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