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Ya’ll Really Need To Stop Trying To Get EXO’s Sehun On The Phone…

today12 May 2021


Hailing from South Korea, this multi-talented performer expresses his grievances in a recent IG live over receiving more than 100 phone calls a day.


Filming the broadcast from the comfort of his room, the K-Pop idol shared that he had just returned from a swim and had had his dinner. While watching music videos with fans, he casually and politely said, 


“Please do not call me.”



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He went on to elaborate by saying, 


“In a day, I get about 100 calls. But even so, I don’t change my number. Because even when I do change my number, I still get calls.”


Hinting at the difficulties of dealing with obsessive fans (often referred to as saesangs), he added, 


“So changing my number is pointless, and it is burdensome.”


Just imagine your phone ringing constantly throughout the day… 



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A post shared by SEHUN (@oohsehun)


In the same IG live, he also spoke with fans about fellow bandmates Baekhyun and Chanyeol-hyung. 


“I think that Chanyeol hyung and Baekhyunh hyung are doing well. Even though I haven’t been able to get in touch with Baekhyun hyung yet, I’m sure he’s doing well,” he said, in reference to the two EXO members who recently enlisted for their mandatory military service duties earlier this year. 


Despite being the youngest among his bandmates, Sehun is said to be the key ingredient to the band’s success.



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In an interview, the group said, 


“We talk often about the things we don’t agree with each other … we try to resolve things by talking to each other and Sehun is at the centre of that. He’s very intuitive and forces us to talk to each other.”


Aww, isn’t that cute!


*Cover image via Dazed 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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