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“I wouldn’t date a minor,” Aniq Suhair Responds to Accusations His Relationship With Cik B Is Predatory

today27 November 2020


Recently, Cik B – daughter famous Malaysian entrepreneur Dato’ Seri Dr. Hajah Vida (DSV) – has been making headlines across media platforms for various different reasons. Initially finding herself the talk of many after uploading her #OOTD that reportedly cost more than RM100,000,  she once again made the news after announcing that she was in a relationship. Now, the interest surrounding her newfound relationship was deemed buzzworthy by netizens as her reported “boyfriend” was none other than new actor and Hero Remaja finalist, Aniq Suhair. Posting a video of Suhair and calling him her “fave person” she later tweeted what appeared to be confirmation that the two were a pair.



And although the news was initially well received by fans of the talented young teen, they soon changed course upon realising that Suhair is actually 20 years old, while Cik B (born Nur Edlynn Zamilleen Muhammad Amin) is only 15 years old. This was made worse by the fact that the drama that the pair have just wrapped up, ended with both characters that Cik B and Suhair play getting married.



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Following this revelation, Cik B’s name became a Twitter trend as netizens started accusing Suhair of predatory behaviour and lambasted the production company for allowing for Cik B to be portrayed as a young bride in the drama.



Speaking to Berita Harian, Suhair – who stars opposite Cik B  in the drama ‘Lelaki Lingkungan Cinta’ – clarified that he has no hidden agenda when it comes to his relationship with the young star. Denying all accusations, he states:


“Coincidentally, Cik B and I were cast as a loving couple in the drama. We tried to mirror the ‘sweet’ atmosphere that our characters had on social media. It was for fun and done as a joke.”


Suhair, whose full name is Muhammad Aniq Suhair Mohd Salleh, says that he had developed a comfortable friendship with Cik B. He describes Cik B as a “kind, humble and funny” individual, making it easy for the two to strike up a friendship. The drama also stars actors Naim Daniel, Shasha Abedul, Ismail Izzani, Shalma Eliana, Aisar Khaled and more.



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A post shared by ANIQ SUHAIR (@aniqshr)


He went on to tell Berita Harian,


“Wanting to say we are in love, definitely not. We are just good friends. Probably because we became a romatic couple in the drama, many assumed and believed in the existence of love. Cik B is young and still in school, I will not be in relationships with minors. I will also be continuing my master’s degree in business soon. The question of love is not a priority. I want to earn a living and graduate first.”


*Cover image credits: Instagram / @aniqshr

Written by: Marissa Anne

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