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Song Joong-Ki Steps Up To Apologise Over Product Placement Controversy

today5 May 2021


The lead of hit K-Drama β€˜Vincenzo’, which concluded to a well-received finale, has officially addressed the drama’s Product Placement (PPL) controversy.Β


During one of his interviews, Song Joong-Ki was asked regarding the controversy that surrounded the drama early on in the series. Keeping calm and remaining professional, he responded by saying,


β€œIt would’ve been sad if this question wasn’t presented.” 


He added that,Β 


β€œIt’s not just the main actors who pay close attention to the product placement…I thought that it could be a good thing for actors to be present to discuss such topics.”



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He was also quoted as saying,


β€œIt is true that there was a PPL controversy in the middle of our drama production. The controversy was an outward issue with the drama so we worked even harder to ensure that the drama would be perfect from within.”


Taking responsibility as the main lead of the TV drama, he said,Β 


β€œI believe that there were many people who were disappointed because of the PPL controversy. With that said, I feel that it is only right for me as the lead actor to apologize.”


β€˜Vincenzo’ was previously under massive scrutiny for featuring a particular PPL in one of their episodes, which was a to-go β€˜bibimbap’. Netizens realised that the Korean cuisine was packaged with a Chinese brand logo and Chinese lettering.


Korean history professor, Seok Young Duk, said that,


β€œI found out only after a close reporter friend of mine called me out of the blue. tvN’s drama β€˜Vincenzo’ decided to place a β€˜Chinese Bibimbap’ advertisement. I understand that advertisements are placed to fuel the cost of the drama. However, during these times I believe it was an unfortunate decision.”


However, despite the controversies abound, β€˜Vincenzo’ went on to see one of the highest viewerships in South Korean drama history!


*Cover image via The HankyorehΒ 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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