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‘Vincenzo’ Takes A One-Week Hiatus

today9 April 2021


After enjoying rewarding weekends of ‘Vicenzo’ episodes, fans will be sad to know that episode 17 will not be aired on the 17th of April. But don’t worry! A special episode of ‘Vincenzo’ will be aired instead. However, the slot for April 18 is yet to be decided.


‘Vincenzo’ tells the story of an 8-year old boy named Park Joo-Hyeong who went to Italy after he was adopted. As an adult, he has now changed his name to Vincenzo Cassano, played by Song Joong-Ki. 



He is a lawyer who works for the Mafia as a consigliere, where he serves as an advisor to the leader and resolves disputes between the members of the family. However, when a war breaks out between the mafia groups, he packs his bags and flees to South Korea. 


Here is where his life takes a positive turn — he meets with another lawyer, Hong Cha-Young played by Jeon Yeo-Bin. He absolutely falls hook, line and sinker in love with her. 



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When asked about the show, Song Joong-Ki gave a thought-provoking answer, 


“These days there are a lot of bad people in the news. When writer Park Jae Bum gave me the synopsis, I sympathized with it a lot because it contains many contents criticizing society. I think it is a very new genre, a high-class genre.” 


Song Joong Ki went on to say,


“But that isn’t the only charm that attracted me to it. The narrative is heavy and deep, but it’s a pleasant and refreshing drama.”


Regarding his character, he elaborated by saying,


“He’s worse and stronger than the bad guys. He is a Korean who has lived only in Italy, so he’s a lonely character as he is foreign to Korea. At first, I thought Italian would be easy to pick up, but it’s a complicated language. Still, the language teacher helped me a lot.”

He added that,


“There are some people who see me in a different image than the image that is seen to the general public. I wanted to transparently depict Vincenzo’s spitefulness, wickedness, and sharpness.”


Prior to playing the dashing Vincenzo Cassano, Song Joong-Ki has made waves when he played Captain Yoo Si-jin in ‘Descendants of the Sun’. 


You can catch the trailer for ‘Vincenzo’ below!



*Cover image via That News Trace

Written by: Farah Qistina

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