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We NEED To Talk About These Three Major Plot Twists In ‘Vincenzo’

today29 March 2021

*SPOILERS AHEAD: If you haven't watched up to episode 10, stop reading! 
Read this Vincenzo article instead.


Wacky, action-packed, unpredictable, romantic, funny, deep, occasionally gory  – ‘Vincenzo’ has a little bit of everything. And to top it off, the South Korean drama is more than happy to flex its expert ability to weave twists, turns and jaw-dropping reveals in every. single. episode. Honestly, there’s not been a single episode where I’ve not gone, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!”; or at least, reeled in shock from whatever that has transpired. We’re now 10 episodes in and with 10 more to go, it may be time to talk about these three major plot twists – and what it could mean for the development of the drama.



1. The Real CEO of Babel.


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Now, when 2PM’s Taecyeon was first introduced as the bubbly, happy-go-lucky and slightly slow intern to the female lead Hong Cha-young – my initial thoughts were that his character seemed so… unnecessary. He provided no additional benefit to the plot, and honestly, we probably wouldn’t have noticed the need for his character if he was never put there in the first place. So, when Taecyeon’s character Jun-woo was revealed as the Real CEO of Babel, I was like…



Of course, props to Taecyeon for managing to very, very, very convincingly switch from his cute intern image to the more-than-slightly unhinged killer. We’re soon privy to the fact that Jung-woo is the legitimate heir to the Babel empire, and is using Han-seo (the illegitimate son of the previous CEO and Jung-woo’s younger half brother) as his puppet so he may remain anonymous. At the end of episode 10 – and with 10 episodes still to go – we see that Vincenzo is one step closer to finding out who the ‘jinjja’ (real) villain is. It will be interesting to see how the two face-off (when they do) and, what this means for Jung-woo and Cha-young’s relationship. After all, it’s pretty obvious that Jung-woo, despite being the psycho that he is, has a huge soft spot for Cha-young. But with all that’s been going on, can she look at him the same way again?


2. A calculated surprise and… bees?


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Sure, Vincenzo has come up with some really smart ways of getting what he wants/out of bad situations, but there was so much going on with the whole Wusang/Babel v Witnesses case. With Wusang interfering with the case against Babel Chemicals, Hong Cha-young and Vincenzo’s scheme to get the Italian lawyer in as an unrefutable surprise witness was massively impressive. Not to mention, luring in the wife of the medical expert and unleashing killer bees?  Talk about an A-star way of getting out of what would have been a hopeless situation! One can’t help but wonder though, with the way Vincenzo left things in Italy, will his past come back to haunt him in an inescapable way? We’re already seeing more of his time in Italy in flashbacks – will the flashbacks catch up to him in the present day?



3. Who are they, really???


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If there’s one thing that ‘Vincenzo’ is doing really well, it’s developing its characters! Who would have thought that Lee Chul-wook – the self-proclaimed martial art expert and pawnshop owner – could actually beat people up??? (Also, what’s going on with his ears and why was that specifically highlighted?) But, probably the most shocking of all – arguably even more so than Jang-woo’s reveal as the CEO – is laundromat owner Tak Hong-shik’s SEAL like precision as he hacks away at their enemies with a pair of scissors. Is anyone at Geumga Plaza normal???


We’re only halfway through the series, so there’s bound to be more shocking developments ahead – I’ll be pretty annoyed if they don’t. A brand new episode of ‘Vincenzo’ is out every Saturday and Sunday and can be streamed on Netflix.  Let us know what you think of the developments so far; and where you think it’s all heading!

Written by: Marissa Anne

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