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Hard Time Waking Up? Check Out These Songs You Can Set Your Alarm To!

today6 April 2021


The alarm tone you wake up to sets the mood for your morning!


Back when Nokia phones were all the rage, we only had very few tunes to select from. And if you choose the loud ones, you will most likely wake up with a heart attack. Not fun.Β 


But now that we have the option to select actual songs to wake us up, we should probably use them to our advantage. And here’s a pro tip: find songs that actually energise you from the get-go to get you bounding off your bed!


1. Coldplay – Viva La Vida


The catchy chords of the intro are enough to gently rouse you from your slumber. And when Chris Martin begins crooning, β€œI used to rule the world. Seas would rise when I gave my word” doesn’t it make you feel like anything is possible? We do!


2. Avicii – Wake Me Up


This is a great song to wake up to not only because of the title but because the beat gets your heart dancing along to it! So kick off your covers and get up! There is much to live for and the world needs your presence.Β 


3. Katrina & The Waves – Walking On Sunshine


Now here’s a great one. From the upbeat first note of the song to the titular lyric, it helps you feel positive and revved up to start even the toughest Monday of the year! There are plenty of cover versions of this song too, so choose whichever strikes your fancy.Β 


4. Demi Lovato – ConfidentΒ 


Demi is always reliable when it comes to uplifting music. Wake up to this in the morning, head over to the bathroom mirror, and tell yourself β€œYou’re the boss right now!”


Need we say more?


5. Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself


A love story between you and yourself is the greatest one ever told. You are the star of your own life, and you need no one else to get to where you need to go. It’s you. It’s always been just you.Β 


So what do you say? How about setting your alarm half an hour earlier so you can squeeze in a quick workout if you haven’t already! It will definitely get you breezing throughout your day on endorphins!


Leave us a comment on your favourite songs to wake up to in the comments below!


*Cover image via Hip WallpaperΒ 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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