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Songs That Will Take You Right Back To Your School Days

today5 April 2021


Oh, the good old days of finishing your homework in front of MTV. Remember when we used to go through our friends’ playlists and Bluetooth them into our phones? Thank God for Spotify!

Now let’s take a look at the tunes that you forgot you used to dance to and scribbled the lyrics in your exercise books!


7 Things – Miley Cyrus

Some of Miley’s earliest bops, it sits nicely in the middle between making us miss our ex, and also be glad that they’re gone! 

Did you know that the song was written for Nick Jonas? He confirmed it himself!

Wake Up – Hilary Duff

The mid-2000s pop princess Hilary Duff was every girl’s dream idol. Her songs are always hopeful and speak to every pre-teen soul battling the pressures of adolescence. So turn this up out loud and just be a kid again for a minute!


Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani 

Yeah, we wish we were rich girls too. This song had us wishing we could afford a first-class flight to our fancy houses in London town, while dressed in Galliano gowns. Oh, what a life that must be. 

Love, angel, music, baby!


Only One – Yellowcard

Does this remind you of that one teenage sweetheart that got away? We feel you. It’s always that first heartbreak that stays with us the longest. And when we were kids, every thought and emotion is amplified. 

But it’s okay. Life is nothing without the experiences that got us to where we are now!


I’m Not Okay – My Chemical Romance

Here’s for the rock and rollers whose hearts were shattered when this New Jersey native band announced their break up in 2013, and then took the world by storm when they reunited six years after. 

This song definitely had us screaming out our teenage angst while we locked ourselves up in our rooms. And Mom, it’s not a phase!


Are you riddled through with nostalgia yet? We are! Jot down other songs you used to listen to in the comments below!

Written by: Farah Qistina

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