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BTS Is Promoting Animal Cruelty?; ARMYs React To PETA’s Accusations

Some even shared “receipts” to prove that PETA “are hypocrites”.



While everyone is excited over their BTS Meals, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) does not feel the same way. 


PETA Asia has accused the famous boy band of promoting animal cruelty and shared a photo of an individual dressed in a BT21 T-shirt holding a banner that said, 


“This fan was let down. BTS, stop promoting dead chickens.”



The animal rights organisation also shared a post with the tagline, “You’re butter than this, BTS,” which is a wordplay on the group’s new single ‘Butter’.



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by PETA Asia (@petaasia)


On its Instagram post, PETA wrote a caption saying,


“The new BTS Meal at McDonald’s includes chicken nuggets that are made from the flesh of tortured birds. Compassionate BTS fans are reminding the group that chickens are not nuggets, but rather living, feeling beings. ?⁣

The majority of chickens killed for their flesh live their entire lives inside cramped, filthy sheds before being loaded onto open air transport trucks and driven to slaughter, where they’re hung upside down and their throats are slit while still conscious. ⁣

Whenever you see chicken on a menu, remember the animal who suffered a miserable existence and died a violent, painful death. No animal wants to be killed, and since eating meat is unnecessary, raising and killing chickens for food is animal abuse. If you don’t want to contribute to this suffering, please go vegan today.⁣”


BTS’s loyal fanbase who call themselves ARMY were quick to stand up and defend their idols from these allegations.




Some even shared “receipts” to prove that PETA “are hypocrites” and warned the animal rights organisation to stay away from BTS ARMYs if they want to keep their alleged misconducts buried under the carpet.



*Cover image via PETA / BTS

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