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Child That Fell Into Coma After Being Tossed During Judo Lesson Has Passed Away

today1 July 2021


Around April this year, devastating news of a child in Taiwan named Huang fell into a coma after being tossed as many as 7 times by his coach and two other senior students during a Judo lesson in a studio.


After courageously battling the coma for more than two months in the ICU, Huang no longer had the strength to fight and the child was pronounced dead in Feng Yuan Hospital in Taichung on Wednesday, 30th June.


It has been understood that for as long as 70 days in the hospital Huang had internal bleeding in his brain as well as breathing complications after a few organs were reported failing to function.


For as long as the duration of the coma, Huang was said to be dependant on equipment to help him breathe. There also was no positive progress in his recovery and eventually, Huang’s parents came to terms that Huang had no hope of seeing another day, releasing him from the equipment that would keep him alive, hospital authorities reported to the New Straits Times.


Photo via Liberty Times


Following this horrific incident, the coach, known as Ho, has been charged with accusations of causing injury to a child using children as a means to commit criminal acts, said authorities.


“In the case, the coach was found to order two students to study the technic of smashing an opponent onto the floor and using Huang to learn the technic. During the incident, Huang did complain of having critical pain in his head and pleaded for the session to stop immediately. Despite that, Ho still continued and smashed Huang onto the floor a few times until the child fainted and vomited.”


Huang’s uncle, who accompanied Huang during the session reportedly failed to stop the coach from smashing his nephew onto the floor. The mayor of Taichung City, Lu Shiow-yen that previously visited the hospital sent his condolences to the Huang family for their loss.


“We wish the late Huang a peaceful rest and hope justice is served, Lu said through a Facebook post.


*Original article by  on Vocket
*Cover Image Credits: Liberty Times

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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