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Finding It Difficult To Be Productive? These Night Rituals Might Help You

today24 April 2021


1. Disconnect From Work

If you think successful people work around the clock, you’re wrong. They do anything but work in bed. The most productive people out there aren’t obsessing over their emails in bed. The worst habit you can have is lying in bed reading an email from your colleague or boss about an impulse idea they have on a project. So make it a habit to just disconnect from work at least an hour before your bedtime.


2. Read A Book

No this isn’t a routine just for children. You adults need it too. You’ll feel more productive the next day because you’ve gone to sleep the night before with a feeling of accomplishment. Unfinished business can keep you up at night. So read a book or finish a chapter before calling it lights out.


3. Reflect On The Good Things

Many of us tend to dwell on the bad things that happened during the day or the week. The secret to winning the next day is reflected on the good things.Our mind processes a lot of information, so if you feed it with happy thoughts, you’ll do better the next day. Even if it is just 10 minutes, try to lay down an reflect on the good vibes you’ve sent to others. Commit to this for a week and feel the difference.Β 


4. Do Something You Love

Doing something you love will stimulate your brain. It puts your mind at ease and allows you to β€˜lose yourself’ for a moment. Doing what you love before bed will help you sleep with positive energy, subconsciously conditioning your mind to function better the next day. Whether it’s reading a book, listening to music or spending time with your family, allow yourself to escape from reality before falling asleep.


5. Set Goals For Tomorrow

Define your goals for the next day so you have a sense of direction waking up. Give yourself realistic goals that are achievable. Think about an issue and how to tackle it. It will also help you plan for any distraction you may face while completing your tasks, like an unexpected phone call or meeting. Thinking about these problems will help you settle them rather than having them settle you.


We’re positive one of these (to say the least) will help you. It’s honestly the small things that’ll make the next day more productive. Ain’t no rocket science here!


Photo Credit: Jud Mackrill

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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