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‘Greedy’ M’sian Caught Hoarding Food Supplies After Calling For Assistance

today28 June 2021


Volunteers and organizations work hard to provide Malaysians who are having a hard time with the necessities they require during the lockdown. From food to necessities such as diapers for babies, they do their best to ensure the less fortunate within our community can make it through the day. This is why it’s disheartening to see stories such as this one, as shared on Facebook, by a local named Fairuz and then shared by @IniAlannnn on Twitter.



“Don’t you feel guilty doing this? Calling for help here and there, but eventually, you’re exposed for having more than enough to live. It’s the reason you’re not gifted with prosperity because you take what’s not yours.”


Photo via Facebook


The photo shows the room filled with food and necessities, with bags of rice stacked on top of each other.  In the original Facebook post, the user explained that the person called authorities asking for assistance only to find out they had more than enough of stock for a family of two children.


Netizens expressed their disappointment in the replies.

“Looking at the stock of food at that amount, I think if the lockdown were to last until the end of the year they’d probably still have enough food.”




“People like this cannot live in a community. Greedy! Imagine if they took it from someone else that really needed it. It won’t be blessed for their children to eat!”


This netizen explained how situations like this make it difficult for others who really need assistance.


“It’s because of people like this that make welfare organizations request various documents and strictly filter requests. It troubles those who are actually desperate for seeking help.”



It goes without saying, but we must reiterate, that receiving assistance should be in moderation. While you are struggling, countless others share the same fate. Let’s be considerate to others who also need the welfare you are receiving. When we help each other, we will grow together as a community.


*Cover Image Credits: Facebook

Twitter @IniAlannn

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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