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Heated Debate Sparks As Man Vents Out About ‘Lazy’ Partner Approaching Marriage

today26 June 2021


In relationships, you aim to better yourself for the development of the bond. Not only does it help to prolong the relationship but it also improves your growth and character.

This man apparently wasn’t feeling that growth as he vented his woes through a direct message to a wedding platform on Twitter.



“The closer (he) was to marriage, suddenly he felt a disconnect in the relationship. As if there was no effort to improve herself & chase her dreams. What do you guys think? P/S: confessor is a male.”


In the long message, the man confesses that his partner doesn’t have the initiative to improve herself. He justified his claim by explaining that his partner graduated “outside” -which we assume is overseas- and hasn’t worked in almost 7 months. She lives in a village and is currently in a government program to search for a job, which he finds alright because at least she gets an allowance. However, due to the MCO, the host company can employ her.


“Even with money coming in [contract basis], I failed to see her do anything in 12 hours of a day. Every day I ask her what she does. Just housework. Nothing about finding a job or making side income. ” 


He further clarified that he understands it’s difficult to find a job but the least that he wants is an initiative and drive to improve herself. To chase her goals.


“I’ve already helped her with her CV, applying for jobs, giving her freelances, and advice on how she can use this time to add value to herself as a person.”


This was important to him as when she would present her CV, at least employers would see she is proactive and has the initiative to work even if it is making an e-book or language class, but she refuses.


“Whenever I open this topic, we’ll surely argue. Sometimes I feel exhausted, in this era we all want to live happily and support each other, not take care of a ‘player’.”


He emphasized again that he is looking for EFFORT, an initiative to show that she is hardworking.


“I feel like I want to cancel this marriage. Tell her to get a job first. At least show some effort for herself to build this family together.”


The admin of the page then shared another screenshot, an additional message from the confession clarifying that when he mentioned “player”, he was referring to himself and that he doesn’t want his partner fully supporting him.



After the post went viral, netizens were shocked to find that certain people were attacking the guy.



“Girls are attacking this guy. What’s wrong with him wanting a partner that has their own career? Oh, men can’t be unemployed, but women can? You’re barking about equality, turns out you’re just selfish.”


Photo via Twitter/@twtmalaywedding



At the time of writing, it seemed that the admin had deleted the hate messages attacking the confessor.

Later, the admin updated the thread with the confessor’s response to the replies.



He clarified that she had plans to participate in short courses to improve herself, which he was sincerely willing to pay for. He saw that she had potential, given a push from others.

We’re happy that the internet has helped the couple in improving their relationship. You will have ups in downs with your partner, cheers to him for dealing with it responsibly.

*Cover Image Credits: Unsplash Hisu Lee

Twitter @twtmalaywedding

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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