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Malaysians Start #BenderaPutih Campaign As An Initiative To Assist The Needy

today29 June 2021


Malaysians on social media have called those who are in dire need of assistance to raise a white flag outside their homes.

According to the posts shared, raising a white flag does not indicate a signal of giving up as it traditionally symbolises, and that those who are in need should not be embarrassed to ask for help during these struggling times. At the time of writing, the hashtag is trending at the number one spot on Twitter.



In addition to that, Malaysians also urged those who are struggling to not take their own drastic actions during these difficult times.



“To all of you that are struggling and don’t have food, raise your white flag at your house. Let your neighbours assist as much as they can. Please don’t take drastic actions that can break the hearts of your loved ones. No need to beg, no need to feel embarrassed. Just wave the flag.”


Photo via Twitter


Among those who have shown their support for the campaign would include young celebrity chef Danish Harraz.



Malaysian singer/songwriter Shila Amzah also expressed her support in a tweet.



Netizens have shown their utmost support for this positive campaign.






We are in this together, Malaysians. #KitaJagaKita #BenderaPutih


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Written by: Mifzal Malik

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