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“Mum, I Hope I’ll Get To Know You”; Malaysian Asks Netizens To Help Him Find His Birth Family

today28 May 2021


Stay strong, Rain!

Some of us growing up, may not have been fortunate enough to be raised by our birth parents. Hence, being brought up by your actual parents can be considered a privilege that we should be grateful for.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a privilege for this fellow Malaysian. Rain Lee shared a post on Facebook asking Malaysians to assist him to find his birth parents.



According to the 20-year-old, he has been waiting years to finally shout this out to the nation. He also stated that he has already done a DNA test.

“Yes, I did a DNA test for 2 reasons – my health and in hopes of finding my birth family. Mostly I’ve found second cousins, but not much more than that. And on the darker side, I have to know if there’s any hereditary diseases or sickness I might need to know about…” He stated.


Photo via Facebook/ Rain Lee


He continued to say that when his family sees the post, he just wishes that they’re all okay. He emphasizes that he’s worried especially with what’s going in the world currently.


“… I decided, I can’t wait forever. I’m worried. Yes, I might not have spoken to any of you before, but I’m worried everyday, what if something happened to any of you, and I never get to meet any of you? Time does not wait for us, I’m worried one day I might be too late….”


Despite searching for his birth parents, he did not single out his adoptive family. He said that they did nothing wrong, and he is just keen on finding his actual family and getting to know them.


“Yes, I have obtained consent and agreement from my parents to find my birth family. I’ve spent over an entire year thinking about this post. I”ve talked to many people about it. I’ve decided to do it.”


Looking through the comments, netizens wished Rain the best for his search for his family.


Photo via Facebook/ Rain Lee


We wish Rain all the best in the search for his birth family. With the raging pandemic threatening, it’s no surprise that he is worried. If you have any information that could help Rain, he can be contacted at +60125483680 or through email: [email protected].

*Cover Image Credits: Facebook Rain Lee

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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