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Special Needs Food Delivery Boy Cycles To Deliver Package Only To Be Scammed

today25 June 2021


With the pandemic at large, food delivery riders are risking their lives with each and every delivery made because of the sheer number of people and places that they’re exposed to; they’re called frontliners for that reason. However, the sacrifice is a necessary one as they need to put food on their own table after delivering someone else’s meal. Unfortunately, their sacrifice is sometimes taken for granted in the form of rude customers or, in this case, fraudulent ones. One such example of the latter was shared on Facebook by the admins of a petrol station page.



According to the post, the rider cycled about 3km to send food worth RM80 to a customer. The customer had apparently set their location to the petrol station situated at Jalan Sulaman in Sabah only to find out the customer wasn’t there.


Photo via Facebook



“This boy is a special needs individual. He can’t speak like the average person. It’s a good thing he has a friend to help him. He was looking for a customer named Mira. But we told him there is no Mira here.”


Photo via Facebook


The petrol station staff asked him if he had tried calling the customer. The boy’s friend told them that they already did and when contacted through text, the customer said they were confused as to who was using their phone.


Photo via Facebook


The rider was confused and frustrated as to why the customer did not mention earlier that they made the order by mistake, let alone have it delivered to the petrol station.


Photo via Facebook


After accepting the reality that the customer was just a scammer, the petrol station sincerely bought the food from the rider. They could only hope that the scammer did not repeat their mistake with other riders.


“Imagine if nobody was there to pay, this poor boy would have to pay the damages, unless the food delivery company could clear it for him.”


They ended the post advising others to not trouble front-liners as they are just trying to make ends meet. Netizens were heartbroken to read the story. Many shared positive comments, some even requesting for his contact number to give some form of assistance to the special needs boy.


Photo via Facebook


We hope the boy can perform his duties well following this incident, not to mention staying safe. The job alone is a difficult one, dealing with irresponsible customers is another challenge.


*Cover Image Credits: Facebook 

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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