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This Singaporean Shares Her Sinister, First-Hand Encounter With A ‘Nenek Kebayan’ At Kaki Bukit, Singapore…

today30 June 2021


Nenek Kebayan is a Malay legend of an old hunchback who usually inhabits desolate forests. Accompanied by djinns, she is said to feast on raw flesh and blood. A Malay folk song, usually sung to entertain young children, is called Nenek Si Bongkok Tiga (Old Hunchback Woman) and it hints at Nenek Kebayan’s tendency of kidnapping kids.



In a confession retold by Eugene Tay, an individual suffered two miscarriages in a house that was built upon old kampung grounds and a cemetery. The house also faced a hill that leads to an old mosque.


“I was in my third trimester, I remember,” recalled the witness. “We were ready to welcome the arrival of my firstborn. That’s when I encountered this Nenek. Back in those days, it was common for us to leave our doors open. All the neighbours pretty much knew each other and in the afternoons the Malay neighbours from downstairs would come door to door to sell goreng pisang (fried banana fritters). We knew all the aunties (middle-aged Malay ladies) there so when the Nenek appeared, we were quite puzzled. [sic]”


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The witness went on to say that she invited the dishevelled Nenek in, who proceeded to place her hands on the witness’ belly and spoke to the unborn child. The witness excused herself to make coffee, and when she returned, the Nenek was gone.


Later that night, the witness woke up with a terrible cramp in her abdomen.


“By the time I was taken to the hospital for a check-up, the baby was gone.”


The following year, when the witness was once again in her third trimester, the Nenek decided to return. Terrified, the witness shut the door on her while the witness’ mother recited prayers and looked at the Nenek through the peephole.


“Through the peephole, she was able to see the Nenek’s true form and it was hideous.”


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So, beware when you see strange old ladies coming your way, especially if you have children with you. Run, and don’t ever look back.


*Cover image via Trip Advisor 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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