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M’sian Vintage Shoe Collector Gives Up 104 Y.O. Sneaker To Survive Lockdown

today28 June 2021


The total lockdown has seen many Malaysians sacrifice things they never would have otherwise thought they’d have to. In this case, a Malaysian was forced to give up his rare 104-year-old pair of Converse sneakers in order to put food on his table. He shared the story in a Facebook posting.



“In order to survive [this lockdown], it is with a heavy heart that I am forced to let go of the first-ever pair of Converse sneakers that was created in 1917 named the ‘Converse Non Skid’.”


Wan Azim said he needed the money after losing his income from a job in the tourist industry in Japan. He could not return to Japan due to the national lockdown imposed in Malaysia. He continued to explain a bit of the shoes history.


“The shoe came together with a pair of basketball shorts and knee protectors for basketball players once upon a time in 1916. The original owner kept this treasure until one day when they had health complications and was forced to sell all of their assets.”


He acknowledged that some, especially those who don’t share the same interest in shoes, may see them as unappealing.


“Why would you sell an old shoe? Might as well buy a fresh pair at the boutiques.”


However, he rebutted the expected argument by explaining that the particular pair is considered as vintage, a piece of history.


Photo via Bernama


“From what I know, there is another pair in the Converse Museum in Boston, guarded safely by authorities there.”


He ended the post by asking those who were interested in buying the piece of history to message him. In less than 24 hours, he made another posting, saying that the shoe has been sold for an astounding RM 40,800.





Ultimately, we are proud of Azim’s initiative to survive. Although we understand that letting go of something you absolutely love is difficult, it is necessary to keep yourself afloat.


*Cover Image Credits: Facebook Jeroong Wia

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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