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“Your Mother Needs The Slot More”; Malaysian Offers Vaccine Appointment To Mother Couldn’t Secure A Slot

today27 May 2021


There are plenty of good people out there!


Yesterday’s booking session for the AstraZeneca vaccine – as we all know – was chaos. Many found themselves unable to book a slot despite waiting and trying for hours. Many expressed their frustration on social media after having trouble securing a slot.


This is the story of a courteous Malaysian who found out that a mother had failed to successfully book her vaccine appointment, as shared on Twitter by user @NakKomen.



The tweet reads: “I came home from work at 10 am this morning and tried to keep my eyes open to make an appointment for my mother but failed when the slots were completely filled in the space of two hours.”


Photo via Facebook


This Malaysian who read the story sincerely offered her appointment after reading the story and asked if the authorities in charge of the vaccine distribution could assist in the arrangement.


Netizens found this action wholesome and praised her for her intention.



This user said: “Imagine we’re in on a ship that’s almost sinking. Suddenly someone says, ‘Take my float, your mother needs it more.'”



The Malaysian in the story saw the comment of the lady who offered her vaccination spot responded:


“I saw the reply and was flattered. But to be fair to others, if I was given the opportunity to change (even though I think we can’t), it’s okay, we don’t mind waiting. We just hope the government urgently moves forward with the vaccination process.”



It’s been a difficult process, but we’re glad Malaysians are looking at it positively and are being optimistic about what lies in the future. Hopefully, we can achieve herd immunity as soon as possible. Kudos to our strong Malaysians!


*Cover Image Credits: Twitter @JKJAV / Harian Metro

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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