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KLCC Karen Fined RM3,000 For Going Maskless In A Mall & Netizens Are Not Pleased

today1 November 2021


Karen Unmasked: White woman barred from KL Dior insists she was the victim (Video) - Coconuts
source: Coconuts

In case you missed it, the internet went into a fit of fury when a woman caused a scene at Dior in KLCC.

The woman was seen not wearing a mask and she even insisted to enter the clothing store maskless. She was seen recording the store attendant and accusing him of shoving her, to which he denied immediately.

When the video went viral, many netizens questioned how the woman could have entered the premises at all when she was clearly against wearing the required face mask.

Check out the video and reactions below:

Yesterday, it has been reported that the woman, now labelled as β€˜Karen’, has been slapped with a RM3,000 fine for her actions.

It turns out that the woman also refused to scan her MySejahtera upon entering the premises. She was fined…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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