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Let’s Get To Know Chef Si Comel SmartHeart And Her Startling Cooking Skill

today4 February 2022

Have you seen the recent video of Chef Si Comel SmartHeart on Youtube? People are praising her for the amazing cooking skill she got. But first of all, let’s get to know Chef Si Comel SmartHeart!

Chef Si Comel SmartHeart loves to venture and explore the outworld seeking new recipes every day. Doing this, she got the full support from her loving mother for doing what she loved. She is an honest white snowy coated fur with long tail cat. Although having a set of blue eyes with sharp look, Chef Si Comel is very kind to others.

What really has pushed her to be a successful chef today are the love for cooking and the urge to never give up and quit her passion. She once set the kitchen on fire on the first day of cooking. She is always trying out new ingredient and will give her best to create the perfect food for other cats to enjoy. She is known as Chef Si Comel after opening her first small stall outside her house and helping others by giving donations to stray and household cats. She has gone through a lot as a chef just to be where she is now.

Chef Si Comel has a dream as a chef and her ultimate dream is to have her own kitchen show. She wants to let the entire cat population in the whole world know of her SmartHeart product. She will open her first Kitchen that will be dedicated to creating wonderful variation of flavours and products.

Let’s take a look at Chef Si Comel first ever video

She is creating multiple majestic flavours ranging to SmartHeart Dry, Wet and Treats. As a loving cat chef, she also cares for the wellbeing and the needs of all cats in every stage of life. Thus, she has prepared all matter of nutritious values that specifically targeted cats of different life stages such as Functional Dry Food, Wet Food in Pouch, Wet Food in Canned, Treats and others.

Now, how about we get to know Chef Si Comel more closely? Just simply join this contest by answering some questions about Chef Si Comel SmartHeart. The contest will go on from 1st February to 20th February 2022.

Get updated about Chef Si Comel’s activities by following SmartHeart official Facebook and Instagram pages!

You can also purchase SmartHeart products on Lazada, Shopee and SmartHeart’s website.

Written by: Syauqi Shamsul

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today4 February 2022