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Man Divorces Wife For Serving Maggi Everyday… But Here Are More Petty Divorce Reasons

today3 June 2022


A man in India reportedly divorced his wife because his partner fed him like a final year college student.

His diet plan? Maggi for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Principal district and sessions court judge ML Raghunath said that this is one of the pettiest cases he had to deal with while working as the district judge in Ballari.

He said, “The husband said his wife did not know how to prepare any food other than Maggi noodles. It was noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He complained that his wife went to the provision store and brought only instant noodles.”

The judge humorously nicknamed the case “The Maggi Case”.

While this incident might sound absurd, Malaysia doesn’t shy away from petty divorce cases.

We’ve compiled some of the pettiest divorce cases that happened locally and they might leave you feeling thankful for being single:

#1 Husband spends too much time playing mobile games.

#2 Wife left…

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Written by: Aqasha Aiman