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Minister Who Was a Policeman Proposes Mental Health Screening for Future Cops

today23 September 2021


Police go beserk over Bersih supporters – Citizens Journal Malaysia
source: Citizens Journal Malaysia

The police are meant to protect and to serve the rakyat but recently, there has been news surfacing depicting police brutality.

Despite having one of the toughest jobs in Malaysia that can easily affect one’s psyche, Malaysian police do not have to go through a mental health screening before joining the force.

Due to this, it has led to some unsavoury incidents that are either a result of a bloated sense of superiority or lack of remorse.

From the handling of a peaceful vigil at Dataran Merdeka to the violent beating of a recovering drug user, a mental health screening for Malaysian police officers is well overdue.

Ahli Parlimen Cameron Highlands dan Jerantut selari keputusan parti tarik sokongan pada Muhyiddin - Utusan Digital
source: Utusan

The proposal for such evaluation was brought up by Ramli Mohd Nor (BN-Cameron Highlands) who is a former police officer.

He said, β€œAs far as I know, in my 34 years in the police force, no prior mental evaluation is carried out on candidates. It is very pertinent and important…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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