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JIPS Says They Have Identified 2 PDRM Officers Accused Of Harassing Women Drivers

The officer later texted the woman asking if he could get to know her.In her tweet posted late Thursday night, 11 February, she shared a screenshot of the WhatsApp texts the officer sent to her after she was stopped at a Movement Control Order (MCO) roadblock.According to the woman, she was on the way to buy some groceries.In the tweet, she alleged that the PDRM officer stopped her and asked […]

today14 February 2021

Social News

PDRM Officer Accused Of Sexually Harassing A Woman At A Roadblock On Jalan Duta

The woman said that she's still shaken about the encounter with the officer."Police should protect people and not do this. Already got sexually harassed, yet I was blackmailed into giving my number as well, or else he would have fined me," she tweeted.In a series of tweets posted late last night, 12 February, the woman wrote that she wasn't wearing a bra, something the officer manning the roadblock noticed it […]

today13 February 2021