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Here’s Why Not Everything Is As Terrible As Netflix Documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ Claims

The main mantra that the documentary first drops is that sustainable fishing is a far-fetched ideology and, technically, next to impossible to achieve. In other words, it's just some empty terms.Some of the organisations shown in the documentary, Earth Island Institute β€” the organisation that issues the 'Dolphin Safe' labelling β€” and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) are slapped with intense criticism as the filmmaker, Ali Tabrizi, shines a light on […]

today7 April 2021

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I’m Suicidal. What’s Next?

Subscribe to our Telegram channel for our latest stories and breaking news. I'm undergoing medication for my suicidal thoughts I thought I was not ashamed of the fact that I am on medication for my depressive episodes and suicidal thoughts until my most recent appointment when it was decided that it's time to try to increase my antidepressants and to add a new medication into my treatment. My doctor and […]

today2 April 2021

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How To Invest In Cryptocurrency In Malaysia

Now that you know the hype surrounding it, it is time to understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.Bitcoin β€” the first cryptocurrency β€” was invented in 2009. It was created out of frustration after the global financial crisis in the late 2000s, reported The New Yorker.It serves as an online currency that is not controlled by any organisations or governments. It only takes minutes for one transaction to […]

today4 March 2021

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Collaboration Is Key To Preserving The Malayan Tiger

The initiative is part of Perhilitan's Save Our Malay Tiger Campaign. It resulted in the arrest of 87 wildlife criminals and involved seizure worth RM2.7 million and destruction of 460 wire snares.In 2020, 140 wildlife criminals were arrested, with seizure worth RM1.85 million and destruction of 672 snares. These numbers are a grim reminder that the critically endangered Malayan tiger and other wildlife are still under immense threat from rampant […]

today3 March 2021

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This Young M’sian Is A National Karate Athlete & Author Of A Book On SPM Maths

"Both require a considerable amount of practice. When we practise more and more in karate, we will learn how to handle a situation and react quickly during sparring, tackling a situation without hesitance," she says."Secondly, karate is also like maths with regards to problem-solving. During a karate fight, we encounter new situations that require us to 'playback' scenarios in our minds and think about what is the right choice of […]

today24 February 2021

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Lockdown Is Making Children More Emotionally Tired & Wrecked. Here’s How To Deal With Them

A quick and simple technique called the 'Rapid Resets' (RR) helps to de-escalate a stressed child, helps children to build resilience, calms the central nervous systems, and brings their "thinking brains" back online.In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home stress, family abuse/violence, racism, and religious discriminatory, empathy has taken a back seat. Stress and trauma trigger a response in the amygdala (the survival part of the brain that […]

today30 January 2021