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This Young M’sian Is A National Karate Athlete & Author Of A Book On SPM Maths

today24 February 2021


“Both require a considerable amount of practice. When we practise more and more in karate, we will learn how to handle a situation and react quickly during sparring, tackling a situation without hesitance,” she says.

“Secondly, karate is also like maths with regards to problem-solving. During a karate fight, we encounter new situations that require us to ‘playback’ scenarios in our minds and think about what is the right choice of movement to utilise and attack. A small mistake would…

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Written by: Taylor's College

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[VIDEO] “So Cool” – Lelaki Ini Menyanyi Dengan Ratusan Ayam Ternakan Buat Ramai Gelak

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today24 February 2021

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