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Goodbye 2020, You Were Supposed To Be A Bright Start. Instead, You Felt Like A Dead End

It's the end of 2020. A year where so much happened but flew by as if it didn't.It's been tough and I'm tired. I just feel like lying down and resting for a while now.Maybe I'll dream about getting that vaccine with 95% efficacy. That we'll be able to dine out, karaoke, play basketball, and travel to exotic locations soon. That life will finally return to that beautiful memory we […]

today31 December 2020

Social News

Me, My Beard, And The Baffling Ways Others React To It

This is me... Image via Sadho ...and this is also me. Image via Sadho In case you missed the point, I was trying to bring your attention to my glorious beard. What the above photos β€” however β€” do not show are the various comments and remarks people from all walks of life have... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today23 May 2020