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Here Are 6 Emotional Support Helplines In Malaysia For Children & Teens In Distress

PS the Children encourages children experiencing sexual abuse and exploitation to speak up, be heard, and receive help. To build safer communities and protect children's rights, they organise frequent educational programmes, campaigns, forums, and conferences for the general public.Importantly, they provide prevention, intervention, and treatment services to children and families suffering from sexual abuse. They foster an environment of trust whereby children can freely voice out... Click here to read […]

today27 April 2021

Social News

Lockdown Is Making Children More Emotionally Tired & Wrecked. Here’s How To Deal With Them

A quick and simple technique called the 'Rapid Resets' (RR) helps to de-escalate a stressed child, helps children to build resilience, calms the central nervous systems, and brings their "thinking brains" back online.In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home stress, family abuse/violence, racism, and religious discriminatory, empathy has taken a back seat. Stress and trauma trigger a response in the amygdala (the survival part of the brain that […]

today30 January 2021