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This Is How Much Your Favourite YouTubers Earn For A Million Views

7 year old YouTuber earns $22 Million!



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How much do YouTubers earn for 1 million views? That’s probably a question we have all asked, how can someone make millions from just posting a video? Welcome to the 21st century ladies and gentlemen, anything is possible on the internet.

For many of your favourite YouTubers, their online career is their only source of income and for many it is simply a hobby. Nevertheless, both garnering millions and millions of views thus leading to millions and millions in their pockets. The partnerships, types of content as well as merchandise has become an increasingly important revenue stream for these top digital stars, almost all of whom are majority in their 20s and 30s.

Since introducing new changes to advertising rates and monetization, some of your favourite YouTube stars have suffered quite the hit to their pay check, not forgetting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the economy as well.

The 10 Top-Earning YouTube Stars

10: Logan Paul

Earnings: $14.5 million

He has over 18 million subscribers as of early 2019, and Forbes reports he had 2018 earnings of $14.5 million.

9: PewDiePie

Earnings: $15.5 million

With over 90 million followers in his hands, he earned $15.5 million playing video games online in 2018.

8: Jacksepticeye

Earnings: $16 million

Clearly the curse words in his videos have not affected his earnings! Surprisingly he was able to do a series for Disney and is developing exclusive content for live-streaming platform Twitch.

7: David Dobrik

Earnings: $275,000 

Dobrik was raking around $275,000 USD for over 60 million views. Now, Dobrik makes around $2,000 USD per month for over 200 million views. Due to the fact that his videos are flagged for being potentially explicit, so that also could mean using vulgar language in his content!

6: Markiplier

Earnings: $17.5 million

The gamer toured North America, signed seven-figures worth of brand deals. He’s living life.

5: Jeffree Star

Earnings: $18 million

Co founding Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which sells an estimated $100 million–plus of eye shadow, lipstick and highlighters annually.

4: DanTDM

Earnings: $18.5 million

The British gamer who specializes in Minecraft has been playing on-camera for six years.

3: Dude Perfect

Earnings: $20 million

Believe it or not the boys specializes in feats of dexterity and intricate trick shots, say, hurling Ping-Pong balls that trigger domino-falls of Oreos, which garnered 175 million views.

2: Jake Paul

Earnings: $21.5 million

He attracted more than 3.5 billion views of his rap songs and goofy pranks over our scoring period.

1: Ryan ToysReview

Earnings: $22 million

Ryan is a 7-year-old that loves Legos, trains, cars and who can forget,  his 17 million followers.


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