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What Katy Perry Songs Were Inspired By Her Baby Daddy, Orlando Bloom? Here’s 3

today9 September 2020


In a recent interview with Fly, Katy Perry talked about how she plans to continue making music for as long as she lives while she taking inspiration from the “signs and symbols of the universe” as well as from the people around her. This is something Perry has been doing for a while, with many of her songs reflecting phases and faces from her life. With that being said, have there been songs about her fiance, Orlando Bloom?


The pair were first spotted together at a Golden Globes after-party in 2016, with Katy Perry describing her meeting with Orlando Bloom as such:


“We bonded over an In-N-Out burger about three years [ago] at the Golden Globes. He stole one off of my table. He took it, and I was like, ‘Wait! Who — oh, you’re so hot. Fine, take it!’ And then I saw him at a party, and I was like, ‘How are those onions resting on your molars?’ He’s like, ‘I like you.'”


Since then, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s on-again, off-again relationship has been the subject of many articles and apparently, quite a few of her songs. Fast forward to February 2019, and Bloom proposes to Perry on Valentines Day. Recently, they even welcomed a baby girl, affectionately named Daisy Dove Bloom. But their romance would not be described as “a whirlwind” but rather, that it took a lot of work. And this work, as long as some of the sweeter moments of their relationship are documented in four different songs by the “Hot N Cold” hitmaker. While “Never Worn White” is quite an obvious one, what with her signing about marriage in a music video announcing her pregnancy with the couples’ baby, there are three other tunes that reflect their relationship.



“Harley’s in Hawaii”

The song is said to be a metaphor, where Perry is comparing riding a motorcycle alongside her sweetheart with the intimacy shared between the two of them. As it turns out, the song was inspired by a real-life holiday that Perry had with Bloom. While being interviewed on the Zach Sang Show, Perry shared how her strength in music shows in writing titles and lyrics. Case in point: “Harley’s In Hawaii”, which she wrote while in Hawaii to film for ‘American Idol’. The pair rented a Harley and that’s how the song was born…


“To be on the back of a motorcycle in Hawaii with the air blowing on your face is so beautiful. I was whispering to Orlando, ‘I’m going to write a song called ‘Harleys in Hawaii,’ and I did. It just dropped into my head.”


The song goes:


“Boy, tell me, can you take my breath away? Cruisin’ down a heart-shaped highway / I’ll be your baby, on a Sunday / Oh, why don’t we get out of town?”



“Champagne Problems”

“Champagne Problems” chronicles the issues Perry and Bloom faced before breaking up back in 2017, after a year of dating. Speaking to PEOPLE, Perry shared,


“It’s a song that really talks about how intense it’s gotten and how many things we have had to go through. Yes, we have problems. Everybody has challenges in a relationship. We both had to decide to go on that journey separately because it’s not my half and your half that makes a whole, it’s my wholeness and your wholeness that makes this whole thing happen.”


The upbeat track focuses on the work that couples have to put in to, well, make things work. The lyrics go:


“Make-ups to the breakups, times we coulda gave up / We put the dirty work in, so now we know it’s worth it / Now we’re celebrating / I’m so glad we made it this far.”



“Never Really Over”

This muse behind “Never Realy Over” is probably the most debated – is it about her short marriage to Russel Brand? Her time with John Mayer? Or, coming out of her relationship with him at the time, was it about Bloom? The song focuses on the end of a relationship between two people before they get back together. It seems to chronicle her ‘sometimes there, sometimes not’ relationship with Bloom but it also goes a step further to imply that no matter how or why they broke up, the two can’t say goodbye forever.


With lyrics like…


“Two years and just like that / Thought it was done, but I guess it’s never really over / Just because it’s over doesn’t mean it’s really over / And if I think it over, maybe you’ll be coming over again”


Written by: Marissa Anne

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