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What To Expect For Season 4 Of The Crown

today9 June 2020


There’s been a few Easter eggs on whats to come in season 4 of the highly anticipated drama The Crown.

Here’s what to expect so far

What’s season 4 about?

Season 4 will pick up from where it left off on season 3 in 1977. Prince Charles’s (played by Josh O’ Connor) relationship with Camilla Shand (Emerald Fennell) we’re seen wearing off and in the upcoming season, where Lady Diana Spencer is later introduced. So, expect to see a whole drama unfold of their marriage, separation and divorce in the new season.

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Who’s playing Lady Diana?

New comer Emma Corrin will take on the role of the peoples beloved princess. Peter Morgan, creator of The Crown said the actress had β€œthe innocence and beauty of a young Diana, she also has, in abundance, the range and complexity to portray an extraordinary woman who went from anonymous teenager to becoming the most iconic woman of her generation.”

Corrin has been been spotted during filming on set in a couple of Β scenes with her co-stars around the UK.

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The new season will also feature Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ royal tour of Australia.

The 24 year-old was also pictured in Manchester, wearing outfits that resembled one worn by Diana, when she attended an AIDS clinic in NYC in 1993, as well as a gown the late royal wore during a gala dinner in the US city in 1989.

New cast in season 4?

Currently there’s only been two new cast coming into the new season, including Emma Corrin. Golden Globe winner Gillian Anderson is set to take on the role as prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

The show’s main characters will all remain the same from the third season.


When will The Crown 4 air?

For now, there has not been a confirmed release date. Typically, the show would air close to the end of the years, so there’s talk that the show could potentially (and hopefully) drop in November or December 2020. But with the current Covid-19 lockdown, a delay is likely.

Written by: Elyda

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