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Ebit Lew Strikes Again! This Time He Donates Food To Zoo Negara For A Second Time

today11 May 2021


The man is at it again!

Whenever we hear the name Ebit Lew, our first thought will surely be, generous! So, what did the entrepreneur do this time?

Well, according to his Facebook post, he donated a LOT of food to Zoo Negara, as it was in desperate need of help due to the MCO.


Sayu rasa nak raya ni bila pkp teringat zoo. Rindu campur kasihan mesti tiada orang melawat lagi. Saya beli 200 kg…

Posted by Ebit Lew onΒ Sunday, May 9, 2021


In the post, Ebit Lew expressed his sympathy towards the animals in the zoo as he assumed nobody visited the zoo due to the MCO. So he brought 200kg of meat and 10 fruit baskets containing watermelon and papayas. He was pleased to see the animals and feed them. He also mentioned how he was reminded of the zoo since he was in Africa. Lastly, he urged the public to give donations for the animals.

Ebit Lew’s followers showered him with love for doing this. They shared wonderful comments. One of them included artist Sasi The Don:


Photo via Facebook/Sasi The Don


Some even donated to Ebit Lew’s cause, hoping for the entrepreneur to wish the best for them as well:


Photo via Facebook/Ebit Lew


Of course, this is just one out of the other multiple efforts he provides for the needy during this pandemic.

Ebit Lew is well known for his charity work not just in Malaysia, but across the globe as well when he went to Africa and started a soup kitchen.Β  Previously, he assisted an orphan who lost both his parents to the COVID-19 virus.


The entrepreneur has also faced criticism in the past for certain incidents during his charity events, but that hasn’t stopped the 36-year-old from pushing forward to continue his mission.

And we certainly hope he never stops. With the pandemic still at large, many are in need of welfare. We hope Ebit Lew can help as many as he is able to.

*Cover Image Credit: Facebook/Ebit Lew

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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