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Work In Retail? You’re Going To Relate To This TikTok On The Horrors Of Retail

today22 April 2021


I could easily relate, myself!



There is an argument that every individual should be subjected to working retail for at least one year so they can have a baseline understanding of how difficult the labour is, and most importantly to start treating employees with more kindness. But of course, that’s a conversation for another day.



If you’ve ever experienced working retail, after your SPM examinations when you wanted to fill in that gap between graduating and enrolling in college, or during vacations between your semesters, it is without a doubt that you’ve encountered the experiences in this TikTok series.



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Comedian Scott Seiss has produced an ongoing series on the platform with an incredibly specific attention to detail. He presses on the behaviour and the common phrases used by customers who seem unable to understand how a retail shop works.

Here’s part one just to get you warmed up!


Gotta admit @astralreise, that’s our favourite too.

We can’t get enough, and we know you can’t too! Here’s part 2:

While it’s easy to notice the connections of the jokes being retail based,  there are specific points that are clearly based for IKEA. Scott explained to Audra Schroeder of Daily Dot that the IKEA related elements is a reference to his working experience in the home furnishing store in Baltimore.

Scott would do improv and stand-up appearances when off the clock at the time. He hit cloud 9 when his videos reached other influential people. For instance, when Lebron James shared one of his clips.

Here’s the full compilation for non stop laughs:

Amidst all these laughs, let’s just remember the key point to take from at this humour. Be respectful to all retail employees. They are people trying to make a living, just like you and I. There are other big problems we’re all facing, let’s not look for unnecessary problems in everyday places.



Photo Credit: Scott Seiss Twitter/Daily Dot

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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