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SPM Candidate Gets Straight As, Thanks Twitter Famous For Helping

today12 June 2021


Well done!

Getting good grades is difficult, even more so now with online learning due to the pandemic. Students are forced to adapt to a new style of learning that no one was prepared for.

Some candidates weren’t privileged enough to have all the materials to study, such as this one as shared by Twitter famous @brgskjs.



“This kid is brilliant. Congratulations on getting A+ for the Accounting subject. Wonderful!”


According to the post, @brgskjs previously bought an Accounts book for the candidate approaching the exam day, in the hopes that he would study hard and achieve great results.

And that’s exactly how it turned out, with the candidate sharing that not only did he score well for the Accounts subject, but all the others as well!



“Thank you brother Anep for buying the Accounts book for me last year. I ended up getting an A+”.



Hanif Jamal, commonly known to his followers as Anep, was impressed with the outcome, congratulating the boy on his results.



The tweet was celebrated by other netizens as well.

“Got a book, got an A+ and got mellow as well. Fuh.”



Mellow, as mentioned in the conversation might be referring to “Mellow Crunch”, a chocolate dessert that is sold by Hanif.

This netizen also congratulated Hanif and the boy, while slipping in a light joke.”

“You’ll be rewarded for buying the boy a book, especially because he got an A+. You’ll be even more rewarded if you buy me Mellow, Anep.”


It’s wholesome actions like this that make others smile, especially during tough times. It may or may not seem like a small gesture for the giver, but for the receiver, it means the world.

*Cover Image Credits: Twitter @brgsjks

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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